Laercio Schwantes aka L_cio, the man with the transverse flute, is a rare sight in the landscape of electronic music of today. Born in Sao Paulo to a deeply religious family, Laercio has been around music all his life – amidst the challenges of daily life, his adventist parents would whip out all sorts of instruments whenever the situation would allow it, introducing a young and curious mind to a wide range of musical expressions. Even later non-musical career choices always reflected an infatuation with the world of sounds, like his stint as a capoeira teacher, combining martial arts, acrobatics and dance. Laercio has turned quite a number of heads with his instrumental contribution to Portable’s massive 2014 crossover hit “Surrender” (“Best New Track” at Pitchfork, among others).


Saison 1 / Episode 8
Music & video cut by Geraldine Kwik
With special guest L_cio (Traverse flute)
Release April 2016
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