Kristina Kristoffersen

Where the first ep ‘Adventures’ concentrated on Kristina Kristoffersens childhood, MONOGIRL 01 is taking it a step further into adulthood and is the first release on self-founded music label KEROSENE. Kristina has visually collaborated with artist MOTO WAGANARI, who has let Monogirl appear like a living sculpture, somewhere between dreams, technique and reality. From the lyrics we get a good idea of what is going on in the depths of Monogirl’s avantgarde mind. What we receive is a mixture of undoubtedly clear vocals, creative electronics, organs, choirs, chaos, clearance and a desire to let the mind fly away for a while into the mysterious ways of daring.
Photo : Daniel Herrmann


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Saison 2 / Episode 6
Music & video cut by Geraldine Kwik
With special guest Kristina Kristoffersen (Lyrics and vocals)
Release August 2017
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